Za, mastered.

Oh man. Not to fill this blog with baking brags. But look at this shit.

pizza slices I’ve never done anything better

And these weren’t just pretty, either.

If you believe the experts, pizza-crust texture should both cruchy AND delicate.

I thought I knew what that meant. And I thought that I’d achieved it before.

Ho ho, oh no.

I’m not disavowing my earlier efforts, exactly. They weren’t bad. But today’s pie was just a whole ‘nother level.

The crust broke with this beautiful lightness in the mouth. The cook was consistent across the entire pie, too, which is a rare achievement for me.

pizza underside Ooh baby

What was the secret? Once again, high-gluten flour.

high-gluten flour Makes everything better

That, plus the following steps, which are what I do for all of my pies:

  • A prefermented dough with 63% hydration (including extra-virgin olive oil)
  • Using a pizza steel
  • Oven pre-heated for ≥ 90 minutes, on 500 convection
  • For the actual baking, throw the broiler on high, and cook for 4 and a half minutes

Documented here for posterity. Best pizza I’ve ever made!