It’s been a long time since we set foot on a fresh continent!

Africa was a first for us both, and we weren’t sure what to expect, but on the way in our pilot gave us a little taste of the awe that Tanzania can inspire:


That’s Kilimanjaro, and the best fly-by of my life!

We didn’t touch ground on the Serengeti, though. Not yet. For now we flew past it and made our way to Zanzibar, a gorgeous tropical island off Tanzania’s coast.

For 5 days we stayed in Stone Town, the capital. It’s charming, and it sometimes looks like this:


And it’s the birth-place of this guy:


Which I didn’t know before I got here.

On our first full day we visited a spice-farm, and got a tour. Did you know nutmeg looks like this?


In the middle of our tour this guy scampered up a horiffically high palm-tree to fetch us a single coconut.


Two days ago we took a car ride out to Kendwa Beach, the prettiest beach I ever did see (sorry the photo’s not great):


And just yesterday, Stone Town surprised us with its Independence Day Military Parade. On January 12, 1964, Zanzibar threw off the rule of the Sultans and declared its (semi) independence.

When we got there we couldn’t see how to get in, but a charming gentleman named Mudric came to our aid:

mudric Cheers Mudric!

His timing was unbelievable — we got in just in time for me to snap this picture:


That’s Jakaya Kikwete – the President of Tanzania!

The parade was quite special. Everyone there made us feel like an honored guest. Maybe because not that many tourists make their way to the parade-grounds.

But the best is yet to come. In less than 48 hours, a safari that I’ve been planning for nearly TWO YEARS is finally happening…