Here are some nice things my recent clients have said about me.

Smart Strategy

Matt found us just as we were ready to get ambitious with our blog content, and I’m so happy he did! I could see his ability to connect with what I was looking for right away. (I told him if he ever wanted to sell for us, I’d have him any time!) He asked us nitty-gritty questions about our process, so that he could come up with a smart strategy for our blog. Then he took what he learned and ran with it. Four months later, we have a humming content operation. It’s so helpful to have Matt taking care of it. He gets the work in on deadline every time, it’s always great, and I’m particularly impressed with the great quotes he manages to pull from our customers.

I’m already sharing Matt’s info with other entrepreneurs I know. If any healthcare business needs a sincere and strategic content writer, he’s an absolutely superb choice.

Amy Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder

Constantly bringing new ideas

It’s coming up on a year since we started working with Matt and I see a tremendous difference in our content – both in quantity and quality. He has a strong understanding of the industry and he’s constantly bringing new ideas to the table. His proactive approach to projects and his organization have been extremely helpful for our very busy marketing staff.

Matt’s flexibility and can-do attitude are also real assets to our team. Having someone as dependable as Matt in my corner makes a huge difference in my day-to-day work. I whole-heartedly recommend him.

Kristine German, Marketing Director

Regularly exceeds expectations

Matt is not only a solid writer, but a great team contributor. He is an very quick study of complex concepts, and can rapidly break it down for a variety of audiences, from the patient/consumer to the technical or medical officer. Matt regularly exceeds expectations of delivery (in both quality and timeliness), and flexibly adjusts for the required voice or channel as needed. Very happy to have him as part of our team!

Chris Diede, CMO & Co-Founder

Really gets healthcare

We found Matt when our company needed some additional help writing content. With an inbound marketing strategy, it was important to find a writer who not only could create great copy, but understood our goals and objectives. Many of the assignments we gave to Matt were high-level and oftentimes very clinical in nature. Matt was able to create content for us that was highly engaging and on point without my having to spend a great deal of time bringing him “up to speed” on the subject matter.

Matt really gets healthcare, the healthcare industry and the need for engaging content to drive results. I plan to continue to reach out for Matt’s help when our internal team can’t keep up with our content needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a competent and professional freelancer.

Jill Reeves, Marketing Manager

On point

Matt was great to work with! He understood the context of what needed to be written and it showed in his quick delivery. The process was seamless, in large part because the writing was on point. I am definitely working with him again on future projects!

James Martinez, Vice President of Strategic Communications

Thoughtful, thorough, fast

Matt was exactly the kind of writer I needed – thoughtful, thorough, and fast. And I was especially impressed with his proactive approach to research. I know we’ll be relying on him in the future.

Brittany Elmore, MHA, Manager of Physician & Community Relations