About Me

Don’t you want a writer who…

…speaks “Clinical?”

A previous career in medical sales taught me a lot of stuff.

Like, how to assess a patient’s fall-risk. Or how SIRS becomes sepsis becomes septic shock. Or the difference between terminal and immediate use sterilization.

My past life had me scrubbing in for surgeries, dressing pressure ulcers, and talking to surgeons, CNOs, infection preventionists, ICU directors, OR chiefs, materials managers, OTs, PTs, and SLPs – every single day.

On-site chat with a CNO, for a film-shoot with NRC Health.

And the best part of my job today is that I still get to learn from in-depth conversations with the experts.

That means I can discuss your marketing problems at your level, and engage your clients in conversations relevant to their positions and their interests.

In healthcare, there’s always room to learn. But with me, you don’t need to explain the basics. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

…gets what you need?

My work has helped a huge variety of organizations, from large academic hospitals, to nimble startups, to niche business publications, to Fortune 500 manufacturers.

Whatever project you have in mind, chances are I’ve done it before, and someone’s on record praising how I did it.

My customers call me “thoughtful,” “smart,” “proactive,”and “reliable.” They value my insight as much as my prose chops.

That’s because I think beyond the assignment, to grasp the strategy behind the brief.

You can fire off the specs, and forget about ’em. I’ll deliver exactly what you need.

…nails it on the first draft?

Writing for healthcare isn’t like writing for other industries. You probably already know that.

Readers of healthcare content tend to be sharp and skeptical. And they’re not likely to forgive any mistakes.

My copy survives their scrutiny. In both journalism (see below) and commercial projects, my writing is subject to strict review from doctors, lawyers, and administrators.

It passes. Usually with very few changes required.

…knows how to dig in?

(I’m a member.)

Commercial content is my bread and butter. But I do journalism, too.

Finding stories, checking facts, and fielding sources aren’t always a copywriter’s strong suit. But those are skills I have, and I’m proud of.

I know how to handle an interview (here’s one I did with a Nobel Prize winner). I know not to take anything at face value. And when I don’t know something, I’m not afraid to pick up the phone and call someone who does.

If you ask me, that’s the due diligence you should expect from any writer you hire.

Bottom line…

Hiring me means buying your time back.

And I’m not the only one who says so.

I’m the guy who grasps your problems. The guy who solves them quickly, and honestly.

Shoot me a line. I promise I’ll make your life easier.